Why do we need a smart home?

This is why a smart home is needed: to understand your home better and communicate with pros on their own language

— My dialog with the dishwasher’s company (DC):
Me: Hi, I’d like to inform you about my dishwasher’s problem.
DC: Sure, please give me your address (by address, they know what type of the dishwasher, how long it operates, what rental agency I connect with, previous ticket, etc.) …
DC: may I know what the problem exactly is?
Me: I think the heating system in the machine works abnormally. the other day you sent me a technician, but the problem still persists.
DC: our technician said that it is hot when the machine runs. nothing’s wrong with the dishwasher.
Me: Yes, it is true. when the machine starts running, the temperature goes up. however, the high power mode runs less than 2 minutes. Normally, it runs at least 10 minutes. It causes the dishes do not dry completely.
DC: How do you know it? Did you measure it?
Me: Yes, I measured it. I sent you the measurement by email.
DC: Let me see. Yeah, normally it should draw more than 1000 kW at least for 10 minutes. Well, I think the machine is broken. We will arrange a replacement for you.

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