Arista, a Linux-based networking devices

Arista network

For years, the networking industry is dominated by Cisco and its operation system, IOS. IOS, IMHO, is not designed to be customized by the users. Configuration, monitoring, and O&M should be done manually lines by lines on Cisco IOS.

Cisco IOS: full of manual workloads

Revolution has occurred in the networking operating system. Disruptive switches like Arista and bare-metal switches that run Linux-based OS, not only easily leveraged SDN-based controller such as OpenFlow, but also provided users ways to build custom applications on the operating system. We can also create containerization & virtualization of any services. For example, in this scenario, we can put a container atop switch kernel for pre-processing logs, event, and alarm data in the switch (e.g., using python & R) and a container to transfer to big data storages (e.g., Flume to transfer logs to HDFS). We can also automate the deployment/redeployment using Chef/Vagrant/Ansible. By doing so, a lot of manual overheads could be avoided and bandwidth could be allocated based on priority.

docker running atop Arista EOS (Linux kernel)

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