Polyglot data science applications

There is no such a “Swiss Army knife” tool; every tool has its advantages in a certain circumstance, e.g., we know R has the most comprehensive statistical packages, but it also lacks scalability support. Python, another language, has tons of crowded discussion so that looking for a solution from the community is trivial.

What if we combine “best of breed” in a single application, e.g., use SQL for queries, python for data preparation, R for statistical analysis, and javascript for dissemination/visualization?

The good thing is such a polyglot-capable application is out there. At least 2 open source applications I deeply know and use so far, i.e., Apache Zeppelin & SoS notebook.

By using the application, we can leverage all resources (skill, expertise, infrastructure) in our organization and ease collaboration among data stakeholders.

IMHO, it is good for exploration and development for a business case, but to use that in a production scenario I never meet and find a real case.

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