Integrating RF smoke sensors into Smart Home

RF smoke sensors to Smart Home architecture

Reflecting from the fire in the Office of Ministry of Transportation

This is an industrial-grade smoke detector that sounds very noisy and transmits an “RF-433 MHz alarm” when exposing heavy smoke (e.g., in case of fire).

I converted it to a network device using an MQTT-RF bridge, so:
1) it can be monitored anywhere, anytime, and anyhow (e.g. from a handphone);

RF signal converted into MQTT message

2) it can be integrated with any dashboards (e.g. Grafana) and control centers (e.g. Jakarta Smart City);

Monitoring the sensors

3) it can be outputted to other devices (e.g.the building’s speaker) using IFTTT, so awareness is not only local (i.e. where the fire takes place)

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