Big Data & AI landscape 2018

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As described by AgileEngine (, there are four megatrends in big data in 2019, i.e.:
1) From “big data” to “just data” because most organizations currently already embrace big data.

2) machine learning is the new engine after many organizations suffer creating value from big data.

3) everyone to the cloud because of the following benefits: a. low entrance threshold, b. simple scalability, c. adjustable cost, d. the flexibility of FaaS such as Google BigQuery, and e. language barrier.
4) No tolerance for data mismanagement

Matt Turk mentions opportunities for big data in 2019 include: a) data governance and security; b) solutions for real-time streaming and processing of Big Data; c) data fabrics; d) data visualization; e) GPU databases; f) AI (including AI devops solutions); g) solutions that enable and streamline the deployment of data science and machine learning solutions for enterprises.

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